An Appreciation For Greenery, An Appreciation With Greenery

In today’s world, rapid urbanisation is imminent and at times, inevitable. Roads and paths which were once ornamented with lush greenery and colourful flowers have been replaced by commercial towers and congested complexes.

Rapid commercialization has taken a toll on the greenery of this city. Once being proudly boasted as the garden city and the pensioner’s paradise, today the case is different. Even though there is still a considerable amount of greenery, there has been a drastic shortage.

Residents of prime localities in Bengaluru like Basavangudi, Malleshwaram still attest to calling their respective locality, a haven for greenery. The natural environment influences the life of a society in urban space(s). Following are some of the more obvious benefits of greenery or green spaces in a residential setup like an apartment, township, gated community etc.

  • They help improve the quality of air: Plants, trees act as natural air filters providing us with healthy air. It’s no wonder that a walk, exercise or meditation has more therapeutic benefits outdoors than performing the same activities indoors. They help control the heat and reduce air pollution.
  • They help reduce stress and improve productivity: Reinforcing the therapeutic benefits of plants, trees and greenery, they help reduce stress levels by creating a peaceful ambient environment. This, in turn, also helps increase an individual’s productivity levels.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing: Be it a park, a garden or a series of trees planted next to each other, greenery of any kind, add to the aesthetic beauty of the surrounding environment.
  • Recreational value: They serve as places of entertainment in the form of children’s playground, a meeting point for senior citizens and people of various age groups in general.

Another interesting thing to infer is the correlation between greenery and real estate pricing. In the last 6-8 years, there has been an upward incline by residents to look for houses, apartments, townships with a substantial amount of greenery. Today, there has been a drastic change in the mindsets of people; from a lifestyle of typical urban cityscapes to wanting to be surrounded by nature. There is an increased demand for a peaceful, suburban life.

Environmental factors, apart from influencing the inhabitants’ quality of life, also play a significant role in shaping the values of residential real estate.

Today, builders pay high importance to ensure greenery of some kind is present in their offering(s). From a large area dedicated to parks or detailed design of promenades, boulevards to even greenery in the accompanying roads, there is a sense of prestige and social respect when a property accommodates green bodies. This, in turn, can be translated into measurable economic benefits. Townships, gated communities make nature and greenery top priority.

With all the above factors, it’s safe to say the urban greenery does play an influential role in real estate value.

Salarpuria Sattva takes a very proactive stand when it comes to nature and greenery. Many of their properties boast of 60-70% open spaces with dedicated, lawns, garden amphitheatre. Pretty much anything that helps you enjoy your dwelling at the same time, making you feel one with nature.

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