Our Values

At Sattva, we are governed by the values that sets our course of action across all our business verticles.

Our Vision

To do better than what we have done and deliver great value to our customers.


To be a global brand in Real Estate and win customer confidence through Trust and Innovation.

Values that shape us

Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring customer satisfaction through delivery of true value in all our dealings.

Ethical Business Practices

Conducting each activity in the business in the most fair and just manner.

Excellence & Perfection

Creating systems and processes to drive excellence, and to encourage perfection in all we do.


Being transparent in our dealings, so as to set right expectations and promote strong relationships.

Change Leadership

Willingness to adopt new processes, practices and technologies to give our customers the best possible products and services.


Delivering what is promised, ontime, everytime.

Respect For Individuals & Relations

Treating all with dignity, sensitivity and honour.

Social Responsibility

Institutionalising sustainable practices: The drive to act for the benefit of society.

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