Sattva has made impressive inroads into Education, with the vision of making international standards of education a reality for Indian students. With an emphasis on world class education right from pre-school to high school, the group’s education model paves the way for higher education in international avenues. A hands-on, practical approach to learning, practical application of theories taught in class and revolutionary teaching methods that marry traditional knowledge with modern techniques, ensures a child’s all-round development in his formative years.

The group’s foray into education with Greenwood High International School, situated in India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, offers 2 ICSE and 1 IB school in prime locations in the city, as well as 4 pre-schools that offer the highest levels of education. With a curriculum that lays equal emphasis on academics and personality development and an infrastructure that nurtures talent, Greenwood High Schools create global citizens in every sense.

Greenwood High Main School:

Greenwood High Preschool:

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